We buy, sell and trade comic books

Selling comics at the highest profits in today's market sometimes requires creating auctions, sending books away to be graded, selling in bulk, adding to a run or just good old fashion relationships with larger resellers. You give us your book, we do all that work and some, then deliver you the profits once the sale is complete. We negotiate a small commission (average %15) so, selling your books for their highest possible value is in our best interest.

We push your books

Need the quick sale?

Cosignment can some times take a while so, we understand if you just want some money for your books now. So, if you're in a hurry to sell and you've got good books we'll buy them.

Bulk Lots

Have a lot of books you're too busy to push on your own? This is our specialty, we break down collections and execute a unique sales plan for each client.

High value books

We can help get the best value out of your rare title by finding the right buyer. Maybe it's such a coveted book it needs a bit of high end marketing to find it's seller? We'll do that too.

Low value books

No job is too small. We'll market your book giving it the attention it probably isn't getting. Among other strategies, we might add your book to a run or other collection where it's value could be higher.

Ready to do something?

Let us help you turn those books into cash.

Featured Comic Books

These are just a few of the books we have available now